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    Smart Switching and Reclosing

    Smart Switching and Reclosing

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    Utilities have common concerns/goals on overhead distribution: sensing, detection, protection and responsiveness. Aging infrastructure that is not environmentally friendly and automation needs have forced utilities to invest millions of dollars per year on reliability improvements in their electrical distribution network. 80% of customer outages occur due to problems on this massive yet under-automated part of the grid. Utilities have faced an increase in the number of weather events challenging their ability to manually restore power in an acceptable time for their customers.
    • Solutions

      Optimized as a system, Schneider Electric’s integrated automation reclosers/switches provide the highest level of reliability for feeder automation. Offering much more than recloser systems made of separate components, our electronic reclosers and switches are pre-engineered to optimize the interaction between integrated sensing, protection functions, the remote terminal unit, multiple communication protocols, feeder event logging and asset data management.
    • Value Proposition

      • Up to 38 kV, 800 Amps, 16 kA
      • Gas Insulated/Dry Air/Solid Dielectric options
      • Feeder Automation ready
      • Voltage and Current sensing on all bushings
      • Marine graded 316 stainless steel construction
    • Differentiation

      • Easy to program via our unique license WSOS software
      • Fully tested for ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards
      • Event log for 32000 events, best in the industry
      • 24 hr support line one point of accountability
    Smart city lights in Bogota, Colombia


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      • SCADA ready 
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      • 30 years maintenance free to reduce OPEX  
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      • Flexible configurations (fully automated or manual)