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            Schneider Electric, �in'de Energy University'nin �ince versiyonunu ba�latt�

            Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, today announced the official launch of the Chinese edition of the Schneider Electric Energy University (, to be used as China's first free platform for learning energy management online, aiming to train first-class energy management professionals for China.

            "With the deepening of China's energy-saving & emission reduction campaign, there will be a growing demand for specialized energy management talents in the marketplace," said Zhu Hai, President of Schneider Electric China. "While providing innovative energy management solutions to help customers save energy, Schneider Electric also hopes to contribute to the professionalized and standardized industry-wide energy management practice." According to him, in 2009, 16,000 students across the globe already completed 30 online courses delivered by the Schneider Electric Energy University in English, and 92% of the students said that they would continue to pay attention to and study the new online courses. "I believe that the launch of the Chinese edition will help the China market train more energy management professionals, to meet the need of industrial development," he said.

            Energy University provides convenient and flexible free online learning opportunities, to meet the learning needs of different levels, and to enable the students to get the latest energy management knowledge and practices by updating its energy management courses on an ongoing basis. The students can take various online courses anywhere, anytime, to obtain related tools and information to be used in making plans and series of decisions for improving the energy efficiency of their organizations. The courses range from simple ones to the more advanced ones. They are divided into the entry level energy management certificate courses and the professional energy management certificate courses. The students can choose different levels of course modules depending on their own needs and experiences, to get the corresponding knowledge and credits. After completing the required courses, if passed the exams, the students can get the energy management certificates to be issued by Schneider Electric in early 2011.

            The Chinese language courses successively offered by Energy University include: Associate Certificate courses-The fundamental of Energy Efficiency, The Economics of Energy and ROI Calculation Tools, Energy Audit, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Solutions; Professional Certificate courses—Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance, Measurement and Verification including IPMVP, and Financing and Performance Contracting for EE projects; Advanced courses—Lighting Solutions, HVAC Solutions, Energy Audits Instrumentation, and etc.
            Welcome to to study the energy management courses at Schneider Electric Energy University for free!